A worker has suffered a knee injury.

Work Accidents in Central Florida

Being injured at work presents problems that can make the situation even worse. You are hurt and trying to recover from your injuries and on top of it you are worried about losing your job. However, when people are injured or even killed at work, they or their family are entitled to compensation and workers’ compensation laws are governed by state and federal agencies and protect you from employers who may try to fire you for filing a claim.

There are unlimited ways that people are injured at work, however in many instances they happen while on the job at a construction site, while working on machinery, while driving on company time or possibly working in a restaurant kitchen. The injuries can range from mild to severe or even fatal. Unfortunately, accidents happen even to the most cautious of employees. However, they don’t need to ruin your life. Please contact us, the attorneys at Hayworth & Chaney, PA at 321-253-3300 to find out how we can help you to regain control of your life and get the compensation you deserve.