A boat ran aground.

Central Florida Maritime Accidents

Boating Accidents

Living in Florida is wonderful! We are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and have warm weather most of the year. However, because of our vast coastline and the amount of boat traffic in our waters, many injuries and even death occur on boats off the coast of our state every year. Inexperienced boaters, rough conditions, obstacles hidden in the water and drivers under the influence are just a few of the reasons these injuries occur.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Many people dream of going on a cruise and it is usually a wonderful experience! However, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if a slip and fall occurs, or a cruise line approved shore excursion leads to an injury or when you consume contaminated food and get very ill. If you have been injured on a boat or cruise ship, you may be able to hold the boat owner or cruise ship line liable. Please contact us at 321-253-3300 for a free review of your case.