A bike was hit with a car.

Central Florida bicycling injuries

Bicycling in Central Florida can be great exercise and very enjoyable. Our Florida laws say that you as a cyclist should be treated with the same courtesies and cautions as any other vehicle on the road. However often times through the negligence of other motor vehicles what is meant to be a great experience can turn into a tragic one.

Most Florida bicycle accidents involving cars and other motorized vehicles aren’t the bicyclists’ fault. However, the cyclist is the only one who suffers. If you are hurt, you need an attorney who will consider all the factors in your case to decide exactly who is at fault for your accident. There can be many reasons that you were hurt – faulty roads, potholes and negligent drivers just to name a few. The vehicle that caused the accident may not have even hit you, however if they caused the accident and left they are referred to as a phantom vehicle and this qualifies you for an uninsured claim for which you should receive compensation.

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