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Melbourne Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Accident & Injury Victims for Over 60 Years

Hayworth & Chaney, P.A. is a well known personal injury law firm located in Melbourne, Florida which represents clients in all types of accident, injury, wrongful death, and cruise ship accident claims.

When injured in Melbourne, Vero Beach, Cocoa Beach, Titusville or Orlando, Florida, as the result of someone else’s negligence, it is important to have proper and effective representation. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively evaluate the essential elements of any injury case.

First, it must be determined who was at fault for an accident and in determining liability establish percentages of fault of all parties involved in the accident. We will thoroughly investigate the accident acquiring statements from all witness and parties and hire any experts needed to prove the liability of others. Second, to properly evaluate the monetary compensation which is appropriate for the injuries received, we will review all medical documentation including doctors and nurses notes, medical bills, lost wage information, we will discuss with you the damages to your properties which is your vehicle but also your body which includes pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish and the loss for the capacity for the enjoyment of life. Third, Hayworth & Chaney, PA will aggressively pursue payment of compensation to help pay the cost of your injury against the responsible parties who have been determined to be at fault through any available insurance coverage or benefits.

Please come in today to speak to an attorney for free, once you see how our lawyers personally take interest in your case, the choice you face in hiring a personal injury attorney will be easy for you to make.

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    Glen is well known and well liked. A man with high integrity, hard working and caring.

    Glen is an extremely capable attorney who consistently provides his clients with outstanding representation. While his practices focuses mostly on injury law, he has a broad knowledge base of general civil litigation practice and procedures, estate planning, and other areas of law. Glen has been elected to be Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce as not only his legal peers but also his community peers recognize Glen's talents and dedication.

    Mr. Chaney handled my complex accident case (involving a foreign national and federal proceedings) excellently, culminating in a hard fought decision in my favor. He did his homework, and held firm against his opposing counsel and client, while maintaining steady support and contact with me throughout the case. During the day long mediation process, Mr. Chaney presented convincing arguments, obtaining me a very satisfactory settlement on my behalf.
    I highly recommend him.

    I have known Glen since 2009. I have consistently been impressed with Glen's professionalism and legal abilities. He is very considerate and generous with his time, whether it is with clients, colleagues, or community causes. Practicing 25 years myself, I consider Glen to be in the top tier of attorneys I have dealt with throughout the State of Florida. I think so much of Glen and his firm, I refer all my personal injury cases to them because I know they will take extraordinary care of them.

    I have known Mike in a professional capacity for over 20 years. I have litigated cases against him and also mediated cases with him. He has always acted in a very ethical and professional manner. Mike always puts his clients interest first and uses his grasp of the law to obtain excellant results on their behalf. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in need of a true professional to protect their interest.

    I have worked with Glen Chaney on several occasions over the years. He is a very capable lawyer and always professional. He has a very good understanding of the law and he treats his clients with respect. He is well prepared and wonderful to work with. He always exhibits high ethical standards and deserves to be recognized for his abilities. The majority of my work is insurance defense and I handle cases where Glen is working for the plaintiff.

    Mr Chaney was very helpful in making sure I had answers to all the questions I had and even a few I hadn't thought of. Even after some rather rude comments from other attorneys who answered my original question he was very patient with me.

    Having practiced in the same geographical area as Mr. Chaney, I have had many opportunities to observe his work. I have served as mediator in cases he has represented clients. He is a highly capable, well respected attorney.

    Glen is a man of integrity and a community leader. He is committed to the practice of law and working diligently for his clients. I do not give out the "5" excellent ratings lightly. Glen has EARNED these ratings.

    I endorse this lawyer. Mike is an excellent attorney. I have worked on many cases with Mike over the years and I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and well prepared. Mike keeps his client's interests as his highest priority and is a credit to the legal community. I highly recommend him.

    I have always found Mr. Hayworth to be straight-forward and ethical in handling the cases that I've had with him. He has always been professional and polite even in an adversarial situation. He is knowledgeable in the field of workers' compensation and I believe he represents his clients to the best of his ability. At the same time, he has always treated my clients with respect and he has strived to understand their position on an issue even when he didn't agree with it.

    Skilled and knowledgeable attorney! I highly recommend and endorse him! I cannot say enough about this mans ability, integrity, and character.

    Glen Chaney exemplifies the high standards of professionalism and extraordinary legal abilities in every aspect of his legal practice. He is very generous with his time to all clients and the concerned family members whose loved ones have been the victims of abuse and neglect. He is kind and patient in such delicate cases, but has all of the skills and knowledge to adeptly advocate for his clients. Glen is an excellent lawyer.

    I endorse this lawyer without reservation.

    Mr. Hayworth is courteous, ethical and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with.

    Serving all of Brevard County & Vero Beach

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